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Step out in Style in Stylish Men’s Kaptaan chappal

From a wide range of elegant tones and distinct styles, pick out men’s kaptaan chappal that add a subtle touch to your overall ensemble. Be it a get together with friends or an errand down the street, our easy to wear chappals will make your stroll truly classy. Choose from comfortable men’s leather chappal online or kaptaan chappal with pure leather uppers… Whatever you choose will complement your individuality and accentuate it in a whole new fashion.

Kaptaan Chappal for a Trendy Style Statement on Any Occasion

Kaptaan chappal is one of the most perfect and lightweight Peshawari chappal styles available at Similar to our handcrafted leather Peshawari chappals, their upper  is made from pure leather and has a pure rubber sole and straps with buckles. Our Peshawari chappal & Kaptaan chappal price range is set at affordable rates. You can choose from different sizes & colors. What makes these a top choice among men in Pakistan is their versatility,durability,reliability & style. Whether you’re out for a casual walk, formal event or off to work, create your perfect look. Men’s wardrobe must always consists  the peshawari chappal or kaptaan chappal offers unique and sophisticated sandals for wedding ceremonies, eid, or other occasions including casual outings with your friends and family. Wearing these depicts the traditional tribal fashion style and you can wear our kaptaan chappal with your trousers, jeans, or shalwar kameez.

Since our peshawari chappal is made from high-quality leather, they are sewn intricately to maintain durability and quality. They are water and stain resistant and have moisture stabilizing insole to make sure that the feet breathe. It provides comfort and fit for use daily. At, we are proud to say that we combine the oldest heritage of pushtoons with unique comfort and style for the modern man.

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